“My son brought Toby, one of our Basset Hounds in for his checkup and vaccines. He said the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Our other two Bassets are coming in tomorrow for boosters. This office is very convenient and more reasonably priced than other vets. Thanks for taking care of our pups!”
– Teena C, Valley Village, CA

“Always a pleasure! I’ve been going to Aloro since the early 90’s. Highly recommended.”
– Shannon A., Sherman Oaks, CA

“Aloro Pet Clinic under the leadership of Dr. Suresh Dogra has provided loving care to my dogs and cats for many, many years. Care is excellent. Staff are organized and kind. My dog loves visiting the office and welcomes the chance to visit. I feel very lucky to have Aloro Pet Clinic in my area.”
– Jo Annep , Studio City, CA

There is literally no other way to put this, they saved my dogs live. She had gotten itnto some chocolate and when I ran in it was all hands on deck. They took her back, calmed me down, and a few hours later handed me my healthy pup. I am eternally grateful.”
– Nedr , Valley Village, CA

“From the front desk staff, to the personnel who weigh in the dogs, to Dr. Dogra — everyone is ultra friendly, knowledgeable and most of all, I can tell that they genuinely love animals. My 71b hyper golden gets the best treatment, they help to calm her down and she came home looking like she’d been to a doggy spa! Fresh, clean and super silky soft!”
– Robynl , Valley Village, CA

“Dr. Dogra and Staff are the most caring, empathetic and loving team around. Dr. Dogra has years of experience with helping pets and their owner through difficult times and truly cares passionately about his work. They have cared for my Golden Retriever, Ginger for over 12 years and would highly recommend trusting the health of your pet with this team.”
– Brett/Melania B , Valley Village, CA

“Always a good visit. Been our neighborhood vet for 15 years! Front desk is always friendly, helpful and efficient too. Docs and assistants are helpful and sweet.”
– Anonymous

“Absolutely great. Aloro saw Pandita just an hour after we called, and were friendly, efficient, and very helpful with her condition. Half an hour later we were out the door with antibiotics. She seems better already.”
– Catherine B, Santa Monica, CA